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Meet Anita East

Entrepreneur, Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner, Founder, CEO & Director of AE Medispa, Author, and Speaker

All women are beautiful, but we need to be shown how to find our unique beauty. 

Having graduated from drama school, Anita East started her entrepreneurial journey as a budding actor on a film set in London in 2004. Anita felt compelled to research the concept of real beauty after witnessing the turmoil that erupted after the lead actress turned up on the first day of the film shoot unrecognisable with a completely frozen and filled-up face. Known for her incredible eyes, the lead actress was now less beautiful thanks to her unique facial feature being overshadowed by her newly acquired lips and non-existent smile lines.

During her research, Anita didn't expect that the secret to our beauty is, in fact, right in front of our faces, and it has nothing to do with having something injected into or done to our faces. 

In 2004, when the lead actress in the film had her lips plumped and her wrinkles erased, she did so because she thought she would look better, not worse. Yet, she didn't know what made her beautiful in the first place, so she decided to fix what she felt were the problems of her face rather than enhancing her unique beauty. And this is WHY Anita started on her
entrepreneurial journey. 

After meeting and treating thousands of women globally in her clinic and hearing that we all have the same fears and concerns, Anita established a method to ensure women discover and then honour their unique beauty.
In her best-selling first book, Beautiful Unique Faces, Anita takes us into her treatment room and demonstrates her method in practice. Ripping apart society's expectation of perfection, Anita shares her proven formula for becoming happier and more beautiful in your own skin. 

Anita guides the cosmetic medicine clinician and anyone passionate about beauty methods to honour each client's unique beauty.

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