The Rise and Rise of James Vivian, Changing your Perception of Skin One Peel at a Time

Description: Difficult Conversations About Beauty. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Host: Anita East.

Podcast guest: James Vivian, Dermal Therapist | Founder of multi-award winning skin clinic - 'James Vivian' in Melbourne | Innovator | Lover of music | NSS Scientific Committee member |


Today, we have a special guest on Difficult Conversations About Beauty, episode 14. I recently had the pleasure of speaking with James Vivian, the founder of the multi-award-winning skin clinic, 'James Vivian' in Melbourne. We delved into James' remarkable journey in the world of skin health and his rise to success. 

During our conversation, James shares the incredible growth his clinic experienced during the lockdown period, going from a two therapist to an eight therapist clinic almost overnight. We also discuss James' transition from being a singer-songwriter to a dermal therapist and how his alter ego, Tina Toner, allows him to combine a love for skin and a love of performing through witty songs that educate followers and fans on achieving dream-worthy skin. 

One of the key highlights of James' clinic is their commitment to customer service. Every client who steps into the clinic receives a tailored treatment that caters specifically to their skin needs. With a multitude of clinics offering various treatments, James emphasises the importance of only providing services that will truly benefit ALL of their clients, ensuring that their five treatment rooms are free from passing and expensive fads that will only suit a few. 

Chemical peels are among James' and my personal favourites. Our clients at Anita East Medispa have been enjoying the benefits of chemical peels for over a decade. Whether it's addressing pigmentation, rosacea, sun damage, aging, wrinkles, milia, or acne, chemical peels have proven to be a versatile solution for all. As they say, out with the old skin and in with the new. 

James Vivian's expertise and dedication to providing exceptional skincare services have rightfully earned him the prestigious title of 2023 Australian Beauty Industry Awards winner. In a world where everyone is eager to learn more about taking care of their skin, James Vivian continues to lead the way, empowering individuals to achieve their skin goals. 

Given my skin care principles align beautifully with James Vivian, I’m so excited to see where James goes next in his global domination of the importance of ultimate skin health.


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Anita East

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