Striking Gold in the Face of Adversity

Podcast guest - Agnes Dube from Zebra Aesthetics

Business Woman | Inspiration | Fashion Icon | Curve Ball Inviter | Phoenix

Agnes Dube, a Registered Cosmetic Nurse, recently celebrated the first anniversary of her very own clinic Zebra Aesthetics, in Maryborough, Queensland, Australia

After four years with Laser Clinics Australia, Agnes leaped to create her own clinic to
work the hours that suited her and her two small children. After deciding on the house of her dreams, which happened to be next to her mother, and because it had its very own professional studio space that would translate to the perfect home clinic, Agnes set about turning her dream into reality. But as a self-employed single mum, Agnes met obstacle after obstacle including repeated refusals from banks to give her a mortgage.

My chat with Agnes proves that once you set an intention and put it out into the world,
the universe does all it possible to conspire in your favour. That’s precisely what
happened to Agnes. Having the drive and spunk to create her own brand and business
alongside wanting to be the best mum and daughter, Agnes nailed lesson 101 in staying
focused on her dream.

When you meet Agnes, you’re overcome with her zest for life and pure gorgeous energy. Absolutely stunning in mind, body and spirit, Agnes has a unique gift of being the gel that brings awesome people together. Her curiosity and love of human behaviour made her the number 1 on my Who to Watch in Aesthetic Medicine this month.

A lover of fashion, style, and all things aesthetic, it wouldn’t feel right if Agnes was not
in the world of Cosmetic Medicine. Agnes discusses how during a toxic relationship, she
felt ugly in her skin and how for a time, her self love of her unique style was almost
snuffed out. But as we establish in our interview, Agnes is a curve ball inviter and like the phoenix, emerges splendidly out of any flames that threaten to constrain her spirit.

Life feels better with Agnes in it.

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