How To Feel Good In Every Single Situation

This means feeling amazing whether you're about to enter a room full of people or sitting alone with a coffee, pondering the day ahead. I asked the behaviour and communication specialist, Grazina Fechner this exact question, and you won't believe the simple hacks she shared with me.

As many of our interactions are now virtual, we are becoming less adept at authentic in- person communication and less confident in showcasing our genuinely unique personalities. We are constantly bombarded with distractions from morning to night, and this affects not only me but also my children. It's hard to concentrate on anything, be it work or leisure when there are constant notifications and so many exciting things vying for our attention. As I write these podcast show notes, I find myself checking my email, messages, and social media repeatedly, which breaks my concentration. Being present in our lives is a challenge. Podcast link: In this episode, we speak with Griz from Front and Centre Training. Griz shares her knowledge and expertise to help you become the best version of yourself. You may have seen Griz on Channel 7, where she serves as an expert on communication. I uncovered some real gems in my episode with Griz. Please feel free to use and share them with the people you know. The more of us who practice these, the better.

How we communicate with ourselves is just as important as how we communicate with others. If you tell yourself that you're frightened and anxious, the situation will likely play out that way. Instead, talk to yourself like you're talking to someone you love. Say kind, encouraging things to yourself, and not only will you succeed, but you'll also enjoy yourself more.

The quickest and easiest way to reduce the levels of cortisol - the modern-day killer - and increase dopamine and testosterone is to make ourselves big and strong like Wonder Woman and Superman. By making yourself big for two minutes before starting any situation, you can transform into your own personal washing machine. This will help wash those nasty neurotransmitters out of your bloodstream and replace them with uplifting and nourishing brain chemicals to make you feel amazing.

When speaking with others, avoid phrases like "I hope..." or "I'm sorry", but I hope this is okay..." Instead, try phrases such as "I'm excited to be here with you today!" or "You're going to love this!"
Using positive language can turn the person or people you're speaking to into instant cheerleaders, making them want you to succeed and increasing your chances of winning. and finally…


When you greet someone, imagine they are wearing a sign around their neck that says, "Make me feel good"  Your job in the interaction is simply to make the other person or people feel good. By breaking it down to such a simple task, you instinctively already know a million and one ways to make someone feel good.

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