Episode 5: From Princess to Queen ― Celebrating Beauty at Every Age

This week on Difficult Conversations About BeautyBeauty Through the Ages, I chatted with Kathryn Lister, my good friend and confidante.

Having turned 50 just last year, Kathryn knows what it's like to go from feeling obsessed with slim thighs and smooth skin to being happy to lift stuff without her body breaking.

A true Queen in the sense of my book philosophy, Kathryn adores relishing young women's beauty and nurturing their chance to Princess with grace. For she, too, has had her time as a beautiful young Princess. We discuss the importance of removing competition between women, understanding the importance of all ages in workplaces, and the power of celebrating one another. As the wonderful Jameela Jamil said, "Happy people aren't hating, and hating people aren't happy."

With a background much like my own, Kathryn started her adult life as an actor performing in the UK and Australia. And as a writer, she, like myself, is happiest when conjuring titillating stories in her mind. After a chardy or two, you can imagine how we stimulate one another’s imagination. Often writing whole scripts on one night out.

Kathryn can't identify why or when it happened, but one day in her late 40s, she realised joy isn’t found in trying to be physically perfect. Instead, Pilates, long lunches with friends, a cup of tea and a book, and a strong, healthy body were where Kathryn's joy now lay. And while being 50 means she'll probably be overlooked for that leading lady role as Bond's love interest, Kathryn knows that growing older is a privilege many are denied, which is a true honour.