Episode 4: Breaking Barriers ━ A 37-Year Old Mum's Unique Outlook on Beauty in a Perfect-Obsessed Culture

In my podcast, Difficult Conversations About Beauty – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, I examine Unfiltered Beauty Through the Ages having candid chats with women of all ages, including teens and women in their 30s, 50s, and 70s. We discuss tricky and often uncomfortable things affecting women regarding beauty and self-image. But importantly, we make important discoveries that can help you and those you love today.

I met 37-year-old Brooke as a school mum a few years ago, and we quickly became firm friends. In fact, she is one of my favourites. An aura that radiates true inner beauty, meant I needed to chat with Brooke about self-image, her unique outlook on the world, and how as a mum to three daughters, she strives to impart positive self-love to each.

A schoolteacher of the arts, Brooke is currently using her creative ability in training to be a cosmetic tattoo artist, a career she has longed to pursue. As a teacher, Brooke spends her time surrounded by little people who, she claims, regularly teach her something new about herself and life. As a cosmetic tattoo artist, Brooke is delighted to work mostly with women whom, like me, she adores. Women are pretty incredible. Take Brooke, for example, a busy and present mum, thriving in two fulfilling careers. Brooke believes joy is found in enjoying a varied life.

In this image-crazed culture any parent will profess the importance of our kids' mental health. Brooke's daughters are her universe. Her unique experience as a teacher, mum, and now beauty practitioner, Brooke's outlook on keeping her girls safe in this 'perfect face,' 'perfect body' obsessed culture is at the forefront of her mind.

Having daughters nearing the ages of social media, importance lies in building our girls' self-esteem with all they are and all they do, as opposed to what they look like. The likes will always bring a false dopamine hit, but true and honest connections with others remains the only way to feel beautiful in your skin.

Our children will endure heartbreak from thinking they are not beautiful enough. They’ll want to look anything but how they do. By complimenting others, finding the beauty in the small and large things around them, and discovering their own Unique Facial Feature, our own daughters and yours will feel beautiful when society is trying to convince them otherwise.   

Croissants in a French Patisserie aren’t identical. You peruse each and carefully select the one that takes your fancy. One delicious croissant jumps out. Alone, it whets your appetite and makes your stomach grumble in anticipation.  

Your face are no different. Ready in your uniqueness to whet the appetite of those you honestly connect with. Your uniqueness makes you most attractive. The imperfections, small nuances that make you more beautiful. Faces that have the exact same facial features by way of cosmetic enhancement, become less attractive.

It's also your perceived imperfections and those in your life that shape you to discover what you truly value in relationships. To desire perfection in every aspect only sets us up for painful failure, where joy cannot possibly exist.

A valuable reminder is that happy people are the most beautiful people, and the most beautiful people are those who are happy.

Experiences that leave you with the warm glow of love and acceptance are the places, people, and experiences you want to seek. Spend your time here. Knowing this about yourself makes you resilient. No one can boost your self-esteem like you can.

Finally, honesty and integrity in relationships, including your most important relationship, the one with yourself. Be brave and true. Know yourself deeply and make wonderful connections throughout your rich and fulfilling life.

To learn the best approach for discovering your unique beauty and how to keep young women and girls’ beauty safe, listen to the full interview here Difficult Conversations About Beauty – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.