Episode 3: Unfiltered Beauty ━ A Teen's Surprising Journey

Georgia is my 19-year-old niece and one of the faces of our skincare range for teens - BU Unique Teen. Georgia has completed her first year of university and is doing a double degree of humans services and justice majoring in policy and governance. She is a remarkable young woman and has incredible curiosity. Her passion for life and making a difference in this world is contagious and spending time with her brings joy to my life.


In our chat with Georgia, we discuss the importance of identifying and then embracing your own beauty. How dangerous comparing yourself to others in the final years of high school can be to your mental health. And how doing things that bring you joy is the most authentic way to make you beautiful.


We discuss the trend amongst young women, and by that, I mean women as young as 18 years old, who are being sold the idea that to be beautiful, they must buy the lips, cheeks, jawline, and all manner of cosmetic medicine injectables.


Social media is a minefield for teens today, and together Georgia and I explore how teens can get trustworthy news and deal with the photos of picture perfects on their feeds.