There are 7.8 billion people in the world and not one of them has your unique face.

Your face is a sum of all its parts, which is why your face should be treated as a whole. Our goal is to maximize the harmony between all your facial features, by customizing treatments just for you.

We'll work together to identify your unique facial feature and examine the real areas that influence your area of concern. We'll discuss the science behind the cause and develop a treatment program that will ensure you look just like you, only with your natural beauty enhanced.

Many women have become so stuck in finding their beauty through the expectations of those around them that they lose sight of their unique beauty. It's time to throw away "beauty" as it's defined by what the media and society has set as the current standard. 

I've never met a woman who wasn't breathtakingly beautiful in her unique way.

Let us help you stand out with treatments planned around your natural and unique facial features.

The Medispa

A hybrid between a medical clinic and a day spa.


Anita East MediSpa operates under the on-site supervision of our highly trained and specialised cosmetic medical professional, Anita East. Medispas perform treatments for conditions that cannot be fulfilled in a traditional beauty salon environment. Sterile environments are upheld for all procedures with emergency drugs and relevant protocol present. Up-to-date training has been undertaken by all staff members and we work with a multidisciplinary team of dermatologists, occuloplastic surgeons, plastic surgeons, skin cancer specialists, general practitioners and mental health clinicians.

Personalized Treatments for Your Beautiful, Unique Face


Anti-wrinkle Injections

Prevent deep wrinkles and enhance your natural beauty.

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Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers restore your skin's volume and structure.

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Skin Boosters

Restore hydration to your skin, resulting in long-lasting improvements in your skin.

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Remove fine vellus hairs from the surface of the face and neck.

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Fat & Cellulite Reduction

An alternative to liposuction, Lipdissolve removes localised fat deposits.

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Medical Skin Peels

Regenerate and resurface your skin by inducing a controlled trauma to the skin.

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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is used to improve skin tone, texture and elasticity.

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PDO Smooth Thread Lift

Promote creation of new collagen, gradual skin thickening and tightening.

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IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Replenish skin to a newer, clearer, healthier state with skin rejuvenation.

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IPL Hair Removal

Our light based technology makes hair removal quick and painless.

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Clear + Brilliant®

Fractional laser technology to address & prevent the early signs of ageing skin.

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Derma & Electronic Skin Needling

Derma Needling promotes collagen growth and cell repair in your skin.

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Dermalux LED Light Therapy

Clinically proven to treat many cosmetic and dermatological skin conditions.

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You have questions, we have answers.

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