I first saw Fiona in my waiting room five years ago, her face overfilled to the point of looking alien-like. Her cheeks were abnormally large and sharp, her eyes disappeared into her head and were almost hidden from too much tear trough dermal filler. In a heartbeat, I made a judgement that I’m not proud of, and worse still, was incorrect. I judged that Fiona was a ‘shopper.’ A ‘shopper’ is a term we use in the profession to refer to patients who go from clinic to clinic to get the lowest price. They often only come to a new clinic when disillusioned and angry that they can’t have their unrealistic expectations met by their previous practitioner. Or their former practitioner has refused to treat them anymore. When I saw Fiona, I immediately made a judgement in my head. I had my defences up and decided exactly how I would handle the situation. After treating many patients, clinicians get handy at recognising those whose behaviour elicits a ‘red flag.’ Unrealistic expectations, lack of acceptance over what is achievable for their face, and a refusal to listen to expert reason will all mean a ‘red flag.’ I gave Fiona a ‘red flag’ based on her looks.


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Beautiful Unique Faces

Anita's first book, Beautiful Unique Faces, was released in September 2020. It became an International Best Seller in Australia and the UK. 

Beautiful Unique Faces has seen Anita with a global following, making her a regarded thought leader and public figure in female health, empowerment, wellness, andbeauty. In 2020, Anita won the National ROAR Success - Gold Medal award for Making a Difference.

So far, 2021 has seen Anita win Gold Medal/First Place for the International Feathered Quill Awards in the Self Help category and Bronze Medal/Third Place for the Debut Author category. A finalist for the International Book Awards, Women's Issues, Anita won second place, silver for the AusMumpreneur 2021 Women's Champion Award. In addition, Beautiful Unique Faces was long-listed for the ABDA - The Australian Book Designer Association Awards.

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